FGOI – Cluster Visit in Prague, Czech Republic, organized by Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers

Representatives of the FGOI consortium will attend on 26-29 September a cluster visit organized by Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers, in the in the context of sharing knowledge about the European furniture market, support networking among European delegations and facilitate the formation of collaborative partnerships between participants.

The visit will be organized in the context of the European Cluster Conference 2022. This event is following the cycle of European Cluster Conferences that have taken place every two years since 2008, every time with a different theme enabling participants to focus on different priorities.

Just before the European Cluster Conference 2022, a Matchmaking event will be held in a physical format on 26 September 2022. This event will gather cluster organizations – to explore trade, investment, and partnering opportunities and to develop connections between Europe’s value chains and ecosystems.

During the visit, the FGOI delegation will meet Czech furniture companies, as well as visit their headquarters and learn from their experience in internationalization.

Check out the agenda down below. If you are interested in learning more about the visit, contact the organizer: Monika Perdochova: perdochova@furniturecluster.cz



26 - 29 Sep 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Prague, Czech Republic


Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers

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