Introduction of Market Insight Reports

  • Furniture Go International – FGOI – will help SMEs to reach new markets through collaboration and innovation.
    The project will establish a European Strategic Cluster Partnership to intensify cooperation opportunities in
    furniture and related industries, within EU and towards four third countries, namely USA, Canada, Egypt, and
    South Africa.
  • The 36 months project has a total budget of 549.248 € (GRANT) and 61.026 € (PRIVATE FUNDING).
  • Furniture Go International (FGOI) is a project with solid basis and ambitious goals, starting mid September 2021 and lasting 3
    years. It is driven by eight clusters from six European countries which, for the first time, will pool all their market knowledge
    and experience to design internationalization activities exclusively for SMEs in the sector, with an approach 100% resultoriented. The aim is to offer useful and tailor-made tools to approach markets outside the European Union, in particular the
    United States of America, Canada, Egypt, and South Africa.
  • The participating clusters are from Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Bulgaria. Combined, they add more
    than 500 companies, most of them SMEs.

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