Expomebel – international exhibition for furniture, interior textile and home accessories

During EXPOMEBEL(March 30 – April 2) there are organized major regional commercial and business events, bringing together a number of specialists and providing a platform for the development of your brand. The list of visitors features hotel and restaurant-keepers, owners of cafeteria and bars, architects, designers, leading Bulgarian producers and representatives of foreign companies.

Profile of EXPOMEBEL:

• Modular furniture and upholstered furniture
• Mattresses and mattress frames
• Tables and chairs
• Office furniture
• Garden furniture
• Interior Textile

EXPOMEBEL is a specialized exhibition for all kinds of furniture and interior textile, a meeting forum to generate new ideas in interior design, interior architecture and furniture.
The exhibition aims to bring together different styles, classic and contemporary furniture. To create a variety of opportunities helping the customer find answers or make a choice among the selection of leading Bulgarian producers and representatives of foreign brands.

Since 2012 onwards, EXPOMEBEL and TECHNOMEBEL are held together, thus enabling businesses and end-consumers to see everything for furniture industry in one place – from machinery and equipment for furniture production, plus material and accessories, up to finished products.

The latest edition of both exhibitions was visited by more than 12 000 people from Bulgaria and 30 other countries. The exhibitions were attended by 190 companies that presented their products and services over a total exhibition space of 14 500 square meters.

In the last 7 years the exhibitions was held parallel, which gave the necessary impetus in a positive direction to EXPOMEBEL and TECHNOMEBEL. The strong development of the branch, as well as the central location of  EXPOMEBEL for the sector, combined with its ever-growing scale, created the prerequisite for the exhibition to be held independently and to re-live its own life, changing the shape and enriching its thematic scope.

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